Kairos Social- & Healthcare



Kairos Social- & Healthcare is a home care organization. We offer various types of care: personal care, nursing, assistance with the household and supportive guidance. This home care assistance helps your loved ones continue to live independently in the home they love. How we do this is on the website.


People are our priority

We focus on the person with all their possibilities and not the clinical picture they bring with them. Nice to be at home. Also if you are ill or recover from a treatment in the hospital or if you are physically no longer able to function very well. Kairos helps. We provide the personal care and attention you need. We start with what you can still do by yourself or what you can learn again and we take into account possible changes in the future. Our care is properly and carefully arranged. We take care of that, together with you, your family doctor or specialist, family, district nurse and informal caregivers.


The best tailored care

Are you looking for home care for a client? As a healthcare professional you want your patients to be in good hands if they need home care due to illness, old age or after hospital treatment. At Kairos Social- & Healthcare you are at the right address. With us, home care is always tailor-made. Homecare, according to Kairos, is more than just nursing someone at home and taking care of them. Our goal is to provide the best care with personal attention for the patient.



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